Lead Generation Form

Modified on Mon, 14 Nov 2022 at 10:41 AM

With the lead generation setting active, you can collect leads from your custom domain’s homepage which will now show a lead form.

Whenever a lead gets entered into the system it can be viewed/managed/processed by the lead management area located here: https://dash.brandoverflow.com/agency/leads

In the leads management area, you can see the source of the lead, whether it was via the form or the API, as well as its audit report with your custom domain name for instant sharing.

Read more on API here: https://base.brandoverflow.com/agency-features/api-overview/

You can start audit tasks for new leads via this table manually as well and it will generate a report based on the max pages setting being set in this area. Whenever an audit is completed for a lead you will also receive a webhook event with details on that audit.

Read more on webhook here: https://base.brandoverflow.com/agency-features/webhook-overview/

You can also delete leads to save up on your leads quota for the account, this would delete the audit + lead data from our systems completely and free up your quota accordingly.

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